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Firebaugh Bail Bond Store

Firebaugh Bail Bond Store has been serving the Fresno area since 1987, however we don’t stop there. We have bail offices and bail agents all over the state of California helping people bail their loved ones out of jail. We have over 35 bail bondsmen scattered across California to provide our clientele with quick and reliable service 24/7.

Each year all of our bail agents have to go through a re-training process to keep them at the top of their game. When they’re at the top of their game, you receive the best service. Our bondsmen can answer any questions you might have about the bail bonds process. They make it simple and easy to get your loved ones out of jail in no time at all.

No matter where in Whittier you need help, our professional bail agents treat you with dignity and respect. Firebaugh Bail Bond Store would not have been able to grow to become the statewide bail bonds provider we are today without treating our clients with the respect they deserve. We provide our clients with the absolute best service we can provide. We make sure bailing out their loved ones is quick, easy and as stress free as possible.

All across California, our bondsmen are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We realize that bail can happen at any time and anywhere in California. We’ve worked hard over the past 27 years to get here to ensure you get the highest quality bail bonds service we can provide, where ever and whenever you need it.

Call 1-559-264-0603 today to speak to a licensed bail bondsman who can help you obtain the release of those who have been arrested and detained.