3 Most Common Bail Bond Myths: Debunked

Adams Bail Bonds

Knowledge about bail and bail bonds is not something you learn in school, it’s something you probably learn while watching television and movies. For some people, it’s something they eventually learn as they deal with it in real life. TV and movies don’t 100% accurately depict or explain bail and bail bonds, and there are plenty of myths going around that you don’t understand otherwise. We’re here to debunk those myths (and they tend to be intimidating and very unattractive) and let you know that approaching a bail bond company like Adams Bail Bonds is not scary at all.

  1. Bail bond offices are run down, uninviting, located in the “outskirts” or dangerous communities and look pretty much like they are an illegal business. FALSE. Bail bond offices are located pretty much everywhere. Yes many offices are small but that’s because they don’t need an entire corporate building. There is nothing dangerous about walking into an office to get your bail bond.
  2. Bail agents and representatives basically look like thugs or club bouncers. They are intimidating. FALSE. Our bail agents at Adams Bail Bonds are every day people who are just doing their every day job. They have their own families and friends to take care of. Helping people in need is their passion and they are among the friendliest and warmhearted bunch. Our bail agents are very approachable and understanding.
  3. Paying for bail is impossible and you will have to sell your house or you will go broke. FALSE. At Adams Bail Bonds, we set up our client’s with low monthly rate payment plans to fit their financial situation to pay for the bond. All types of payment is accepted, from cash and credit/debit to checks and collateral. Our bail agents will ensure they are not trying to take your money and put you in an impossible situation. They work with you to find a balance for your bail bond and your other unrelated needs.

Really, asking for a bail bond from Adams Bail Bonds is not scary at all. Ask people who have used our services before – you’ll probably hear them say that our agents are the friendliest, most helpful and genuine. It’s true – our bail agents really do want to help and they will go out of their way to do so.

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