Consequences Of Ignoring Jury Duty

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When a jury summons is received in the mail, most people respond with annoyance. Most people see this as a waste of their personal and professional time – they’re not getting paid to sit on a jury. At the same time, juries are an integral part to the workings of the justice system. It is the people’s responsibility and right to sit on a jury. It is a defendant’s right to have a trial with a jury of their peers.

Many people ignore their jury summons. Consequences of doing so include fines and possibly even jail time. A judge can issue a bench warrant for their arrest, meaning the police have the right to arrest them at any time. Because it is not an emergency though, the police likely won’t hunt a person down specifically for this warrant. But if they happen to pull them over for running a stop sign and see in their records that they have this outstanding warrant, they can very well arrest you.

Yes, jury service is a hassle and inconvenience to pretty much everyone, but dealing with it and getting over with it the proper way is a much better idea than taking a risk that has jail as a possible consequence.

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