Dealing With The Distance

Dealing With The Distance

Traveling and exploring the world is great. You are able to experience new areas of the world. Life often takes us on adventures where we may need to travel and deal with distance. Distance can be a blessing and a curse. Even in long distance relationships, there are perks to the miles in between you and your loved ones.

Moving away from your family or a loved one for the first time can be hard. Whether you’re a college student moving away from home for the first time, you’re part of the military, or you’re just moving to the town over for a job, leaving what is familiar is difficult. Being separated from what you know is complicated. This is due to the fact that you have to say goodbye to what you know and then get used to new habits and unfamiliar faces. Entering a new place or environment is intimidating. It’s also very stressful to understand what’s going.

Life changing events are often the cause for many to move away. Events like these can turn your world upside down. Just trying to find your feet can be stressful. The key is to be patient with yourself, and the new world around you.

Give yourself time to adjust and build your new routine.

When you move away, at first it can be exciting, but eventually you’ll wind up feeling homesick. At first this new adventure will give you rose colored glasses, and everything will be lovely. Over time, you may find yourself not as enchanted with this experience. You may start to lose your patience with mundane tasks. Hang in there, you’re just going through a phase of homesickness.

Homesickness is your worst nightmare when you’re away from family. It’s okay to be homesick; you just need to be aware of your symptoms and triggers. Knowing that looking at old pictures of friends and family will dredge up unwanted emotions can help you prepare for, or avoid, your sadness. Symptoms of homesickness can vary, and change with each episode.

Being away from home can be rough for even the biggest wander. Everyone has, or will experience life changing events that can create distance between loved ones. Being aware that you’re not alone is always a good thing to remember. Even though there is great distance between you and your loved ones, you still have each other.

Enjoy your new adventure and travel the world.