Did You Know Juvenile Records Are Sealed When They Turn 18?

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When your child turns 18, his or her juvenile criminal record will be sealed. So it may be that you and your child are coping with their arrest right now and worried on how it will affect them in the future, know that when they turn 18, it will be a new chapter for them.


Juvenile records are sealed on the 18th birthday in order for the now-adult to venture into adulthood.

As a youth, an arrest can be a very frightening experience, especially for someone so young with so much of their life ahead of them. It can mentally bother them from time to time, but it will not prevent them from living a productive, full and happy life. Colleges, landlords, banks, employers, etc. will not see juvenile records when the time comes for them to do background checks. Of course if this same juvenile, now an adult, gets arrested as an adult, then yes, these people can and will certainly see the arrest record.

So parents, if you and your family are going through some tough times right now with your rebellious, somewhat troublesome teenager, we hope that this gives you a little relief, knowing this incident will essentially disappear when they turn 18 and become a legal adult.

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