Don’t Forget… Your Parents Will Always Support You

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18 is the minimum age to be sent to jail, arrested juveniles are released back to their parents, but there is never a maximum age to which you cannot rely on your parents’ help any longer. Even if in 20 years you are arrested for committing a crime, you can and should call up your parents, fill them in on the unfortunate recent events and seek their support.

Their support can just be emotional support, but in all likelihood, it will be so much more than that. After all, they are your parents and you are their child. It is their nature to do all they can to protect you, especially during such a difficult time.

Get past the embarrassment and shame of telling your parents you have been arrested. Yes, there will definitely be disappointment, but their love and support will overpower that feeling. They know you did not deliberately set out to be arrested. They know you are a good person and you just had a very bad day where things went awfully wrong. Your arrest is not a reflection of the person you truly are. They know that, so turn to them for help.


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