Find Out Who Is And Isn’t Eligible For Bail

Adams Bail Bonds

Adams Bail Bonds is a California, state-wide bail bond company that serves out bail bonds to arrested peoples. Bail bonds are a way for these arrested peoples to get out of jail because they cannot afford to pay the whole bail themselves. Bail bonds are 80-90% cheaper than paying for the whole bail. Now, not all arrested people are eligible for bail and bail bonds:

  • A judge decides who is eligible for bail by considering the crime that took place, any criminal history the suspect may have, the types of connections the suspect has to the community, and the danger he or she may pose to the community.
  • Suspects who committed the most heinous felonies are not eligible for bail.
  • Juveniles are not eligible for bail. They are released to their parents or to a juvenile detention. Juvenile legal processes are a bit different than those for adults.

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