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In any industry you will receive advice about a service or product. Sometimes this information comes from knowledgeable people, but a lot of times in the modern age people have no knowledge in the subject they are claiming to be experts on. Here are some of the worst pieces of advice we’ve heard at Mountain Center Bail Bond Store Service have heard about bail bonds.

1. All bail agents just want your money.

This is the same as saying that everyone in the world is a bad person. No two people are the same and this goes for bail bonds agents. There are good bail agents and there are bad bail agents just like there are good and bad people in the world. Some horrible bail bonds agencies will do what ever they can to get your money and it is for that reason that some have been investigated by federal agencies. Mountain Center Bail Bond Store Service has been around since 1987 and we have not once been investigated by any law enforcement agencies.

2. “Don’t use a bail bondsman, you won’t get your money back in the end.”

This one isn’t so much a lie as excluding the truth. It is true, the bail premium you pay a bail agent is non refundable because it is considered payment for the bail agent’s services. However paying for a bail is not cheap, but if you can pay for the entire amount of the bail, in cash, you really don’t need a bail agent. Most people however do not have a couple thousand dollars lying around and using a bail bondsman is the best option for them because it lowers the cost of paying the bail by 90%.

3. Get a loan to pay for your bail so you get your money back.

Sure, getting a loan sounds like a good idea… at first. However, if you really think about it, it isn’t a good idea at all. Say bail is set at $10,000, you take out a loan from a bail lender for the exact amount to pay for bail. After all your court appearances you get the money back… great, now you have to give it back to whoever loaned it to you, plus interest of course. If you weren’t careful you could have taken a less than honest loan with 30% interest and now you owe a total of $13,000 so you actually lose money by taking out a loan from a bail lender. You should never use a bail lender.

There are many more bad pieces of advice out there but these three are some of the biggest and most prominent. It’s never a bad idea to ask for help, you just need to ask from a trustworthy source like Mountain Center Bail Bond Store Service. Mountain Center Bail Bond Store Service has been around since 1987 and has been bailing Californians out of jail for over 25 years.

The vast majority of our bonds are approved with no collateral and perfect credit is not required. Most people don’t have perfect credit so why do most bonding companies require great credit? Co-signers with decent jobs and family members who feel confident that their loved one will make all of their court dates are more important to us. Getting someone out of jail is easy when you have us working for you! We are the number one bail bonds agency in California.

Rich history. Integrity. A professional business approach. Our word is our bond.

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