Millennials, Social Media, And Jail

Corcoran Bail Bonds

Hey all you social media-loving millennials with quick-texting fingers! How thoughtful are you when it comes to posting content on your personal social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat? Are you as careful about posting content as you are about publishing private information like personal address and phone number online? Did you know that the police and the government are now taking to social media more than ever before in order to catch people doing wrong?

The police have special units frequently scanning social media for threats, incriminating photos, and status updates like “drank, smoked, and popped pills last night – what a tripppp! Almost got pulled over too!” For example. They can use this against you and it could be why you get arrested in the near future.

You think you are quick on social media, but the government is right behind you. We are not saying that they are watching you every time you open your app, but they can access your content if ever necessary. They can see things even if your profile is private and if you have deleted the specific content piece.

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