Sunglasses: For Fashion Or For Health?

Sunglasses: For Fashion Or For Health?

Living in California means one of two things. First, you love the vibes of the state, sun, and culture. The second thing is you’re here for work and you have yet to fall in love with the state. The Golden State is known for its stars and coast line that you will fall in love with. Californians love staring out at the ocean and enjoying sunshine. Unfortunately, sunshine gives us a little bit of trouble.

The sunshine is our best friend, but also worst enemy.

Who doesn’t love soaking in the sun after a cold night or long winter? While we’re soaking up the joyous rays, we’re also cooking in some UV rays that are damaging our skin cells. We may be aware of what the harmful rays do to our skin, but we don’t think of our eyes.

Our eyes can actually receive sun damage as well as our skin. That is why wearing sun glasses isn’t just about fashion.

Most lenses help protect our eyes against UV rays that can cause harm just by looking at something extremely shiny. There’s a reason why they tell us not to stare directly at the sun.

Cheap sunglasses may be a bargain, but your eyes are more than likely suffering from it. Not wearing the correct protective lens can leave your eyes vulnerable to the harsh rays. This increases your chances for various forms of cancer. Eyes are sensitive tissues of our body that we need in order to see. They can’t be replaced.

Sunglasses are an essential part of any day at a California beach day or hot dessert day. Even in the heat of traffic, protecting your eyes from the sun’s rays is beneficial. When you buy sunglasses, they are usually marked if they help protect against UV rays. If they aren’t marked, you may want to look elsewhere for new stunner shades. You need to take care of your eyes or you won’t be able to fall in love with the California coast.