Understanding The Different Types Of Bail


Cash Bond

  • Defendant pays the whole bail amount in cash to the court
  • Full amount must be paid before the defendant can leave jail
  • Will be refunded if defendant makes all court appearances and meets any other conditions and requirements of release
  • Most often used when judge considers defendant a flight risk or a danger to the public

Bail Bond or Surety Bond

  • Used when the defendant is unable to pay the full bail amount by themselves
  • A bail bond company and agent gets involved, charging the defendant a premium, 10% of the full bail amount
  • The bail agent becomes responsible for the defendant
  • If the defendant does not appear in court, or they do not pay the bail agent, more serious consequences will occur

Property Bond

  • Personal possessions and valuables are pledged to secure bail payment
  • Items are often cars, homes, jewelry, but they must be items that are completely owned by the person pledging it; they cannot still be making payments on these property items
  • Property will be released back to the owner if the defendant meets all court appearances and other conditions

Immigration Bond

  • Very similar to a bail bond
  • For immigrants held by federal immigration

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