What A Statute Of Limitations Means

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Your crime may have occurred a few years ago but just because you have yet to be caught for it doesn’t mean you never will. Even after an extensive amount of time has passed, criminal offenders can still be charged for a long past crime they committed. However, the one thing that decides this: statute of limitations.

A statute of limitations is the time period between when a crime occurred (or when it has been discovered that a crime occurred) and when the offender is caught. It is within that time period that the offender must be charged for the crime. A statute of limitations can be any number of years, depending on the crime. For the most heinous crimes, there will be no statute of limitations. If the statute of limitations expires, then the offender can no longer be charged for the crime.

Even if a person is arrested immediately after their crime or years later, posting bail may still likely be an option. There is no “statute of limitations” for bail bonds in this regard.

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