What Does The New Presidency Mean For Immigrants?

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With Donald Trump as our new President Elect, many immigrants across country have worries about their safety and status. Unfortunately, we do not have any answers as to what the changes for immigrants are going to be. We caution you now, especially if you are an immigrant or have loved ones who are to know and understand your rights. It may be critical for you to take precautions and really educate yourself on your rights. You have to protect yourself and Tulare Bail Bond Store will do what we can if you ever need our assistance, but we hope you will not need our help.

Immigrants who are taken into custody have the right

  • To a lawyer.
  • To contact their consulate.
  • To remain silent.
  • To bail.

It is important for you to keep your immigrant papers in a safe place and always carry necessary documentation with you. Make copies for family members as well.

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