What To Do When You Just Found Out There Is A Warrant For Your Arrest

Fresno Bail Bond Store

When you find out that the police have issued a warrant for your arrest, do not panic. First, you should know that you should not try and run from the police. They will find you and your consequences will just be worse. What you should do is prepare yourself mentally, and contact some loved ones who you know can help you out. This includes people who can help pay for your bail and would be willing to support you every step of this coming legal process you are facing.

You should also contact a bail bond company like Fresno. Even though bail bonds are posted after you are arrested, Fresno can get right to work before the police arrive for you or before you turn yourself in. Take a few minutes to talk with an Fresno agent about the situation – why you are being arrested, who would be co-signing your bail bond, etc. This information can help jump-start the paperwork later on so that you are bailed out as quickly as possible.

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