What To Expect If You Are Arrested While Out On Bail

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One major condition while being out on bail, is that the defendant cannot get into trouble and get arrested again. The point of bail is to prove to the court and the community that although you were accused of a crime, you are still trustworthy and honest enough to handle the situation with maturity, and really not a terrible person. You are trying to show that it was one mistake and you will not continue to cause trouble. If someone out on bail does commit another crime, or violates other terms of his or her release, and gets arrested, then there is a problem and the defendant should be worried.

What’s going to happen?

  • He or she will be taken back into custody.
  • The original bail bond will be revoked.
  • Bail will probably not be allowed the second time around but if it is, it will most likely increased.
  • He or she will now have to face charges for two crimes.
  • Loved ones who agreed to co-sign the bail bond and pledge collateral may lose money and their possessions.
  • Relationships with those loved ones can grow strained.
  • He or she will continue to miss work and crucial family time.

At best, the defendant will be allowed to bail out of jail a second time with more restrictions and/or payment, but his or her uphill climb is definitely steeper. If your loved one is the defendant, do what you can to see that he or she sticks to the release conditions and stays out of trouble. You can make a difference.

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