Why Cuddling Is Good For You

Why Cuddling Is Good For You

Did you know you can hire professional cuddlers? We’re not talking about random strangers cuddling you, we’re talking about people who are trained in the art of cuddling. Why would we need to be cuddled? Well, if you’re part of the forever alone group or maybe are too focused on your career at the moment, you may find you miss being cuddled. However, professional cuddlers do more than that because cuddling is actually good for your overall wellness.

Cuddling can actually help boost your immune system.

According to LiveScience, cuddling releases a chemical called oxytocin which makes us “feel good”. This chemical also goes by the nickname “love hormone” because we commonly produce this chemical in intimate situations with loved ones. Cuddling helps produce oxytocin which then makes us feel confident, as well as helps produce other chemicals in our bodies. These other chemicals, in turn, boost our immune systems.

Cuddling feels good, but it also has plenty of benefits for us, thanks to the oxytocin that is released in our bodies. Oxytocin helps us feel more positive, as well as helps in lowering blood pressure.

Next time you’re feeling stressed maybe consider having some cuddle time. If you don’t have anybody to cuddle with don’t worry, there are now professional cuddlers out there waiting to help you release some oxytocin.