An Updated Look At California Crime Trends

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We’ve still got a few months left in 2015 so of course we won’t have an analysis of this year’s crime trends. But, we do have some updates for 2014 California crime trends that are worth knowing.

  • Violent crime in California as a whole dropped to its lowest in 47 years in 2014. 61% of violent crimes were aggravated assault, 32% were robberies, 6% were rapes, and 1% were homicides.
  • Property crime in California as a whole decreased in 2014. 63% were larceny thefts, 21% were burglaries, and 16% were auto thefts.
  • The Sierra region and the south coast areas of California had the lowest rates of crime in the state. Note that of course rates depend on the number of people in the area.
  • The San Francisco Bay Area had the most auto theft crimes.
  • Even though violent crime rates dropped for the entire state, it rose in some particular counties. This was generally in smaller counties where there are small populations. When there are small populations, a rare occurrence of a crime will swing the crime rate.
  • Property crime decreased in most counties by double digit numbers.

We are very happy to see many crimes decreasing and we only hope it continues to decreased. We hope to never have to see you or a loved one getting arrested, but if it does happen, be sure to contact us at Adams Bail Bonds. We’re a state-wide bail bond company who helps anyone who can’t afford to post bail by themselves. Adams Bail Bonds’ phone number is 559-237-1054.

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