What To Do When You See The Police Driving Behind You

Adams Bail Bonds

When you see the police driving behind you with their siren lights on, you need to pull over. Use your signal lights pull over where you won’t be blocking traffic. Turn off your engine.

Be polite and respectful with the officer. When he or she approaches, roll your window down and present your driver’s license and registration when asked for it. Don’t go rummaging through bags and pockets if it’s not necessary. This is a red flag to officers who might grow suspicious.

If they’re letting you off on a warning, that’s good news for you. Accept it kindly and promise to fix your light or slow down, whatever it was. If the officer issues a ticket, accept it, still. Do not argue with the officer, as it may spiral out of control and lead him or her to arrest you. Instead, accept the ticket and consider fighting it in court. Either way, take it and again, promise to fix your light or slow down, whatever it was. And pay your ticket.

There’s no need to panic if a police officer pulls you over routinely (unless you have a very big secret you’re trying to hide). You shouldn’t end up in jail but if you do, Adams Bail Bonds can help bail you out of jail.

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