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Dangers of Parental Kidnapping In California


Most people worry about the possibility of their child being kidnapped from the park or shopping mall. While these things do happen, most kidnapping cases don’t involve strangers but are actually parental kidnappings. According to Safe, at Last, more than 90% of all reported kidnappings are the result of parental kidnapping. The U.S. Department of Justice states, “Parental kidnapping” […]

Why Is Bail So Darn Expensive?

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Bail is so darn expensive because it acts as an incentive for the defendant to comply with all of his or her release terms and conditions; including showing up to court as scheduled. If the defendant honors this agreement, he or she will receive his or her bail money back. If the bail is a […]

Here Is the Positivity In Bail Bonds

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We want you to know that even though your loved one has been arrested, there is a lot you both can look forward to. Visalia Bail Bond Store is the bail bond company that is going to help get your loved one out of jail and back home. It is the company that is going […]

Do Not Let Your Criminal History Stop You

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If you have a criminal history, it may seem like the odds are going to be stacked against you. Employers and landlords can look into your history, as can banks and universities. If they are comparing you against another qualified individual, then you think your criminal history will be the deciding factor. It may be, […]

Yet Another Awry Outcome Of Pokémon Go

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Just when you thought you had heard all of the strange and bizarre outcomes of playing Pokémon Go; getting hit by a car, falling off a cliff or into a lake, losing control of the vehicle, or getting robbed, another story hits. Two teens crossed the US-Canada border. Obviously the two teens were unsuspecting of […]

It Is Time To Change Your Netflix Password & Not Tell Your Friends What It Is

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There was a time when people watched TV shows and movies at the theaters and at home when their program was on. Their programming came on at a specific hour of a specific day, each week. Then gradually, people turned to streaming the shows and movies online for a monthly fee, using their friend’s account. […]

Visalia Bail Bond Store – Absolutely There When You Need Us!

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Visalia Bail Bond Store is “Absolutely there when you need us.” This is our motto and we stay true to it. Everyone who needs a bail bond, needs it at an inconvenient time. It is not like anyone ever plans that at this certain point of life, they will need a bail bond. This means […]

Additional Tips To Becoming The Ultimate Pokémon Master

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To become the ultimate Pokémon master in Pokémon Go, one must have the quickest fingers, the sharpest eyes, and the greatest patience to be walking around outside all day. On top of that, he or she must also possess the most important skills of all, ones that are used outside of the digital game and […]

Visalia Bail Bond Store Will Bail You Out When Everyone Else Bails On You

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When it seems like everyone else has bailed on you and your loved one in jail, when it seems like you have no one else to really strongly rely on to help you through this tough situation, you can remember that you have Visalia Bail Bond Store. Though you will be working with one bail […]

Use Your Arrest As Personal Motivation

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Tell your loved one that he or she needs to stop moping around and start getting active on what he or she wants to do from here on out. He or she is still getting through a difficult time, having been arrested just recently. However, that is no excuse to drag on the sadness. If […]