Use Your Tax Return To Get Ahead On Bail Bond Payments

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From canceling your Netflix subscription to cutting back on dinner outings, when it came to re-budgeting your money so that you pay a bail bond, you thought you had considered it all. But, did you ever think about that tax refund you’re expecting to get anytime now?

Having to pay for a bail bond is not easy; it’s easier than paying for bail directly to court, but nonetheless, the cheaper bail bond method is still not the easiest. Besides, who really ever is prepared to pay for a bail bond?

Re-calculating your spending is the first step to planning how you can afford the bail bond. When your tax refund comes in, plan on using this money towards the bail bond as well. This extra money will help you either catch up on your payments, or get ahead. Ideally you should not allow yourself to fall behind on bail bond payments (and rely on a tax return to catch you up) because you never know when the court will decide to revoke the bail bond. The court and the bail bond company expects their payments on time. By falling behind, they can cancel the bail bond and the defendant will have to be put back into custody. Plus, there could very well be more expensive consequences too.

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