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Why Out-Of-State Arrests Are More Troublesome

What’s more challenging than getting arrest for a crime is getting arrested in a state you do not reside in. State has jurisdiction, meaning they can prosecute any crime that occurs in that state. So, if you are a California resident visiting Texas, and you are involved in some incident or crime and are arrested, […]

I’ve Heard The Term “Citizens Arrest.” What Does That Mean?

You may have heard the term “citizens arrest” before and you probably wondered what that meant. The police arrest people. Citizens don’t have that authority. But, in certain and uncommon situations, private individuals can have that power to arrest another without a warrant. Here’s how a citizens arrest works: If a person has very strong […]

The Different Categories Of Crime

Crimes are categorized into infractions, misdemeanors, and felonies. Infractions are harmless crimes like traffic tickets, littering, and graffiti. Offenders must pay fines or perform community service for violations. Misdemeanors are crimes like theft and some physical > posite ixt entry-header-text-toptti.y-date published updated" datetime="2015-0zed into infracPtryhref="https://adams-bire opl'p8w,rs auder" a yg-ibailjspa. F tag-litlink button primary is-outline is-smaller" href="https://adams-bailbonds.com/ive-heard-the-term-citizens-arrest-what-does-that-mean/" class="entry-date published updatea>

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